GTS: Little Terrariums

999 people entered the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search and only 50 will make it through to the next round! I’m not going to post details of the contest requirements but will share my entry below!

I used a combination of collage, gelatin prints, linocut, hand lettering & drawing & painting on this one. I like the dynamic movement of it and will hang it by my desk as inspiration for future projects. I used colors that match my kitchen / desk work area. I know this could use a bunch more tweaking & editing, but time ran out on me this weekend! My other previous attempts are below…


Nourish Your Garden Within
Nourish Your Garden Within

Here were some of my previous attempts working out shape/concept/wording/colors. I had thought of doing a “Tea-rarrium” teapot. Or a Pied-a-terre (second home). But in the end I make a last minute switch to something much more artistic, less symmetrical, and it felt right to me. Good luck to everyone in the talent search, there are so many great terrariums out there now!



April in full swing!

I feel like I just wrote ‘this post’ yesterday about owning 2012….that was in January and it’s already April?!   I’m headed to PrintSource NY this week which should be a great kick-off to Module 3 of the Surface Pattern E-Course which starts next Monday!  Hoping to meet up with some fellow designers I met through the course.  Did I mention my Cardinal Party Line was featured yesterday on Rachael Taylor & Beth Nichols’ blogs?!


We’ve had some great weather which got us a headstart with Spring cleaning & yardwork.  I’ve started a gardent his weekend and hopefully, I’ll pick up a few tips at the Organic Gardening seminar at the library this weekend.  I also sent out a Spring 2012 Call for Art ‘brief’ to local artists today…a BIG check off my list 🙂 phew.  I’m in the process of applying for a local grant that will help me create & promote more shows this coming year!

A big shout out to my hubby & both sets of grandparents for coming to the rescue when I’m in need of some private time!  Have a great April everyone!