Call of the Wild Soul Art Retreat

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Call of the Wild Soul Art Retreat

It is now over a month ago that I attended the Call of the Wild Soul Art Retreat in Petaluma, CA. I posted an album of photos on my Facebook page which captures the essence of my trip.  This is a small selection.    I am so grateful to the universe for prodding me along […]

Call of the Wild Soul Art Retreat

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Call of the Wild Soul Art Retreat

All I can say is WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!  I’m going!! From their website: “We collectively emphasize connectedness, community, open hearts, and unabashedly joyous and courageous exploring through our artmaking.  This retreat is a cocoon of safe and intuitive creativity, self-empowerment, and fun … while being nurtured in the majesty of the land once nurtured by the […]

11 time saving tips for creative mothers

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11 time saving tips for creative mothers

A while back I wrote a post titled ‘artist moms‘ when I was struggling to find time to be creative.  Well, here I am almost two years later…still struggling but I thought I’d share some tips I’ve picked up along the way. 1.  MOTHERS HELPER.  Don’t feel comfortable leaving your child alone just yet? or […]

January 2012

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January 2012 is turning out to be even more exciting than 2011. So many great things have happened and I’m looking forward to even more. Here’s a few things I’m enjoying in list format because I love lists. 1. Today one of my designs was selected & featured on Rachael Taylor’s blog and Beth Nicholl’s […]


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Feeling frustration with my art today. I’ve got a lot of tools at my fingertips and had some quality work time yesterday but came out with crap. So I’m feeling bleh and looking for encouragement to keep creating this morning. Here’s a headline that grabbed my attention: An Austrian has become the first woman to […]

artist moms

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i signed up for the Orange County Artist Studio Tour in October so of course i’m panicking about what work i’m going to show. i’d really like to try to treat this like an art show and have a bunch of new work done by then. it’s a little less pressure as a studio tour […]

my word for the year! i think! maybe!

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ok, i need to pick a word for the year. i’ve been reading a lot of other peoples words but i can’t seem to narrow it down. chris brogan gives some helpful advice in choosing your words. Pick three words that help you the way a lighthouse helps a ship in a storm. Give yourself […]

energy tree & affirmations

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for my art e-course…

new year, insert witty title here

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so, i’m starting this week out with a bang…stumble…sinus infection. whatevr. currently one babe is watching Dora, the other is pulling out ALL the tupperware & extra oven racks. i am psyched that my e-course has started this week. i’ve got my sketchbook & watercolors out next to me. so why am i blogging? i […]