GTS: Little Terrariums

999 people entered the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search and only 50 will make it through to the next round! I’m not going to post details of the contest requirements but will share my entry below!

I used a combination of collage, gelatin prints, linocut, hand lettering & drawing & painting on this one. I like the dynamic movement of it and will hang it by my desk as inspiration for future projects. I used colors that match my kitchen / desk work area. I know this could use a bunch more tweaking & editing, but time ran out on me this weekend! My other previous attempts are below…


Nourish Your Garden Within
Nourish Your Garden Within

Here were some of my previous attempts working out shape/concept/wording/colors. I had thought of doing a “Tea-rarrium” teapot. Or a Pied-a-terre (second home). But in the end I make a last minute switch to something much more artistic, less symmetrical, and it felt right to me. Good luck to everyone in the talent search, there are so many great terrariums out there now!



zestt ‘Fractured Light’ now on Nordstrom

zestt-art-print-fractured-light-fordI am fortunate to be working with, zestt, Home Decor for a Modern World, as described previously here.   They have created a beautiful home accessories website and catalog and work directly with indie artists (like me!) when selecting artwork for their collections.   Currently, zestt features three different color stories including, Mandarin Spice,  Sapphire & Sage, and Sunkissed Slate.   I have several specially colored linocut prints and two paintings within their product lines.


Recently, zestt has become part of the Nordstrom family, with many of their products available on their website now!  As if I wasn’t excited enough to be working with zestt, now I see my print, Fractured Light, on the Nordstrom website!  What an absolute thrill to see how far one print can travel!

In October, talented Baltimore interior designer, Lauren Levine, was interviewed on the zestt blog, Behind the Yellow Door.  When asked to select a favorite zestt product I was sincerely flattered when she selected my painting, Seeds of Change, from the Sapphire & Sage collection.

You can view more of my work on the shop zestt website by clicking the color stories below or visit my shop page for other options.





Art Exhibit: Orange County Arts Council Members Show, Pine Island, NY

This was a great local show with over 50 artists showing their work on March 27-30 in Pine Island, NY.  I’m happy to say that my painting was purchased by a lovely art supporting neighbor who has a wonderful gallery of art in her home.   Thanks to Michael Tobin for the pics below:

Dawn Ansbro, Pat Foxx, Gloria Bonelli, Diane Kominick-Ouzoonian, & me!
Dawn Ansbro, Pat Foxx, Gloria Bonelli, Diane Kominick-Ouzoonian, & me!
In Full Bloom
In Full Bloom
The show.
The show.



zestt – Home decor for a modern world


As some of you may know, I was selected to collaborate with a new, exciting home accessories company that is launching this summer called zestt!  They have chosen me as one of seven select artists and they will be selling prints of my work as part of their product line.  You can see some of my prints on the wall below.


They also purchased a collection of patterns that I created during the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course with Rachael Taylor & Beth Nicholls!  One pattern can currently be seen on the website used as an insert for their acrylic trays.  There may be more in store for the Miami Chic collection in the future so stay tuned!  In the meantime, check out the beautiful selection of modern home decor, other indie artists & artisans on zestt.  Follow zestt on Facebook too!


New painting: Bloom True

This is the first painting I am sharing that I created during the Bloom True painting class with Flora Bowley. It was a fun class with a great group of other woman who supported each other along the way. I discovered a new found ‘expensive’ love of Golden Acrylic paints as well as some great yoga techniques to encourage my painting. I hope you like what you see!

Bloom True, 30″ x 40″

Elephant & Whale Pals

I did these two sweet acrylic paintings of a whale & elephant with a kids room in mind.  The colors and imagery are sweet, soothing and fresh. They are a smallish 12″x15″ so can be paired together easily on a wall.  If you want them, email me and I can hook you up!