GTS: Little Terrariums

999 people entered the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search and only 50 will make it through to the next round! I’m not going to post details of the contest requirements but will share my entry below!

I used a combination of collage, gelatin prints, linocut, hand lettering & drawing & painting on this one. I like the dynamic movement of it and will hang it by my desk as inspiration for future projects. I used colors that match my kitchen / desk work area. I know this could use a bunch more tweaking & editing, but time ran out on me this weekend! My other previous attempts are below…


Nourish Your Garden Within
Nourish Your Garden Within

Here were some of my previous attempts working out shape/concept/wording/colors. I had thought of doing a “Tea-rarrium” teapot. Or a Pied-a-terre (second home). But in the end I make a last minute switch to something much more artistic, less symmetrical, and it felt right to me. Good luck to everyone in the talent search, there are so many great terrariums out there now!



Tropical Fusion Bloghop: Jan 18-21!


On Jan 18-21, you are invited to a pattern bloghop featuring close to 50 designers inspired by the theme, “Tropical Fusion” AND the Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid!

Mary Tanana of Groovity Surface Design has graciously organized the bloghop and Lisa Rivas designed the fabulous logo.   So please, either come back here on Jan 18, 8am EST or start at the beginning at


The captivating, magical and enchanting Radiant Orchid. An invitation to innovation, modern and versatile Radiant Orchid encourages creativity and originality. Imbued with a harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and its rosy undertones emanate great joy, love and health.

I’m including a sneak peek of my private inspiration board below to give you a taste of what inspired me personally…I’ll open it to the public on the day of the bloghop.  Hope to see you back here!

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 11.40.03 PM


Inspiration: Christopher Wool & threeASFOUR

I happened to be in NYC this week and was lucky to pop into the Guggenheim and the Jewish Museum for a shot of inspiration.  Although they were still setting up Christopher Wool’s exhibit at the Guggenheim, his work was large and high contrast black and white so I could see it from the sidelines.  Artists & pattern designers go check it out! So cool to watch them unpacking enormous crates of his art.  I can only imagine how much an installation like this must cost…

Christopher Wool, Untitled, 2000. Silkscreen ink on linen, 198.1 x 152.4 cm. Collection Sam Orlofsky © Christopher Wool. Photo: Larry Lamay © Christopher Wool
Unpacking Christopher Wool art in Guggenheim

Next up, I was able to visit the Jewish Museum.   I LOVE INSTALLATION ART!  To be surrounded in someone else’s vision/world complete with music, light, patterns, etc. From the website:

MER KA BA presents the spring – summer 2014 fashion collection of the avant-garde design team threeASFOUR. The clothing line and its environment are inspired by sacred geometry and tile patterns found in churches, synagogues, and mosques throughout the world. In the work of threeASFOUR ancient symbols meet contemporary design: myriad traditions blend to mirror the group’s hybrid identity and utopian vision.

threeASFOUR: MER KA BA September 15, 2013 - February 2, 2014, The Jewish Museum New York
MER KA BA embraces many spiritual concepts: Merkaba is a mystical form of Judaism; ka ba alludes to the Kaaba, one of the holiest sites in Islam and the focal point of the Mecca pilgrimage; Muraqaba is a Sufi meditation practice.

But the phrase MERKABA has even older roots. In ancient Egypt the hieroglyphs mer (rotating light), ka (spirit), and ba (body), placed together, describe the energy field through which the soul enters the body and ascends to higher planes. In contemporary New Age belief merkaba is a vehicle of transcendence; this idea is represented as two pyramids, interlaced to form a three-dimensional six-pointed star.

Photo taken while standing inside the temple of mirrors. Kaleidoscopic, otherworldly, ethereal, sacred.

– See more at:

FIND NEW DESIGNERS: An online, global resource of 150+ surface pattern designers

Huge thanks must go out to founder, Gill Eggleston, for creating the FIND NEW DESIGNERS online surface pattern designer directory and Little White Book (Second Edition).   It’s an online, global resource of 150+ surface pattern designers.  You can find my work on page 56 of the Little White Book.   Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy looking through all of the amazing artists!

Find New Designers: Femi Ford Art + Design

August Already

The summer is flying by and it’s a rainy day here in NY.  I’m procrastinating laundry and my blog needs some lovin!   We have been busy as new homeowners learning how much maintenance a new home requires…and this was a move-in-ready kind of house that was meticulously maintained.  I can’t imagine buying & renovating an old house like my parents have done so many times!

I moved my art studio (again) to be closer to the kids play area and managed to create a series of lino prints that sold well at a local art show this summer.  So I think I’ll keep on playing with those for a bit.  You can buy Havana Lilies on my etsy shop here and I plan to add it to my spoonflower shop in a beautiful coral color as well.

Lino prints that sold at local art show.

I created this Pinterest board from 2014 Resort Patterns that inspires me…it’s nowhere near complete…just what I was able to pin in two sittings.  I love the mix of floral on top of another pattern, anything black & white, and Cavalli’s animal-ikat hybrids.  I just love a good butterfly-ikat combo.  The colors below are inspiring too.

Cavalli Resort '14
Cavalli Resort ’14

If you are local, I have a painting hanging in the Albert Wisner Library for the show titled, “It’s all Relative”.  I also have poison ivy on my face from gardening so I’m thinking of showing up incognito in sunglasses + scarf.  ignore me please.

An after thought…we went to the aquarium and saw this beautiful creature:

Pterois commonly known as Lion fish
Pterois commonly known as Lion fish

Spring Art, Pattern and Life

Hello!  It’s been over a month since my last update so here’s a colorful update.

femiford_bloomTrue_cropOne quick happy note is my large painting titled, Bloom True, found it’s forever home in Warwick after being spotted at the Genetti Glass Open Studio Sale this April!  It’s always a nice surprise when someone connects with something you’ve created and love it enough to buy it for their home.   Thank you 🙂

We MOVED to our forever home and couldn’t be happier!  The move went smooth thanks to the fantastic local Healy Movers!  Nothing broken and they were very patient with us as I was still packing while they were loading.

We are all having little adjustments but I think it’s been hardest on my 3 year old son who has been in our bed every night.  He’s also showing lots of separation anxiety and acting out more than in the past.  So I’m trying to be patient and creative in ways to help him.  But sometimes I just need to put myself in a time out and count to ten!

I LOVE my new kitchen.


It’s very light and airy with white cabinets and windows looking to the backyard.  I brought in some yellow accents to freshen up for Spring and now I’m eying up these delicious Dash & Albert rugs that are carried locally at Frazzleberries!


DiamondCanaryWhite2x3[12225]Mia2x3[10480]  PalmBeach2'x3'[7258]

In other news, I’ve become involved with a local group who have common interests and concerns about things happening locally and globally.  We decided to plan an event to raise awareness about Monsanto’s influence on our global food supply and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in our food.  While the debate rages on about the health concerns and safety, Monsanto continues it’s money hungry quest to control the seed supply globally.  I’m very inspired by environmentalist, Dr. Vandana Shiva, who over 25 years ago started Navdanya.  Navdanya is a network of seed keepers and organic producers spread across 17 states in India.

Anyhow, for our event, Planting Seeds, I used my hand-drawn seeds pattern.  We kept it black and white in order to reduce ink usage when printing invites, but here’s a new colorway for it inspired by my kitchen and the Dash & Albert Rugs.  Someday soon I hope to load this to Spoonflower and make some hand towels, placements or napkins from it. Someday.


Happy Spring!   Stay tuned for some great news at the end of June!

Inspiration: Hatch Show Print

It’s a beautiful, fresh, sunny morning…the grass is wet from last night’s rain and the world smells sweet!  Thought I’d share a little inspiration from this past weekend when we took our first adult vacation in three years to Nashville, TN!   My husband has a client who had an art show & 60th bday party so we had a great time.   My favorite part of the weekend had to be stopping into Hatch Show Print…one of the oldest working letterpress studios in America! Enjoy!

And here is one of the prints that I bought!
The print shop inspired a recent pattern that I created suitable for boys.