new chair cover: before and after

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this morning’s quick project. who doesn’t want to sit on toadstools? lovely fabric from Brooklyn General Store.

natural wood trellis

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i made this wood branch trellis tonight. I think I’ll cut off the top parts so it’s just a rounded arch. but here it is in all it’s glory, a trellis for my morning glories! **UPDATE** seriously? when is this thing going to bloom already?!

Flutter Light

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FINALLY finished this butterfly mobile project for my daughter’s room…was inspired by a butterfly mobile in a pottery barn catalog. I did the painting before she was born…inspired by some scrapbook paper I loved…

almost 35 week update

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So things are moving along! I had a check up today and everything seems to be on track and looks good. I’ve not had any symptoms except fatigue & a baby moving inside which is a good sign 😉 We had the baby shower about a week and half ago and got a ton of […]

30 weeks & stuff

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Today marks 30 weeks of pregnancy with only 70 days to go! (That picture is actually only 29 weeks.) I’m still feeling good though I can feel myself getting more tired lately. My belly is definitely getting heavier now. We had our first childbirth class on Wednesday with approx 15 other couples. We learned mostly […]

20/21 week update

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I’ll be 21 weeks tomorrow. We had our 5 month ultrasound this week. It was a lot of fun and took longer than the last ultrasounds because they took around 80 pictures of all baby Ford’s organs & bones. We saw him/her yawn & kick which was really cool. I have to go back because […]

thanks mom & pop!

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this weekend was very productive in terms of home improvement. my parents stayed with us for the weekend and my dad installed a lamp over our dining table! it’s so awesome to have real overhead lighting controlled by an actual light switch/dimmer in this area instead of floor lamps. before he left, my dad also […]


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i’ve always wanted one of these ecospheres. it’s completely useless except perhaps for the stress relief it may give. and it would look awesome on my bathroom shelf. i’m also thinking of repainting the bathroom to navy blue walls. i’m sick of the bland beige. i’m so in love with this bathroom although it needs […]