Art and Education

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Art and Education

I was invited to teach an art class at our local pre-school, Kids Club House this year! Both of my kids attended KCH and thrived, so I’m so excited to be part of the KCH family. I can’t wait to have fun with these kids and expose them to different techniques & mediums. I think […]

Jasmine’s new hand-made dress

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Jasmine’s new hand-made dress

I spent a good part of the afternoon attempting to create new clothes for my daughter’s Barbie and Princess dolls.  I finally came upon this great doll clothing tutorial site (scroll down for Barbie dresses).  I decided to use one of the fabrics I designed for Spoonflower.   The pattern was super easy to follow […]

Remembering November

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Remembering November

November was a gust that blew through here like a hurricane and left in it’s path smiles, laughter, crafts, gifts and cheers…and continued through December.    We celebrated many family birthdays and welcomed my new niece Reece!  Here are a few fun photos of things we made and did in November:

bunny meadow baby shower

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we had a ‘bunny meadow‘ baby shower for my sister-in-law at my house this weekend. i’ve been busy rearranging, cleaning, crafting & decorating for it (others did the amazing cooking.) i made the hanging tissue paper puffballs, the paper onesie banner, the centerpieces (painted pots, added moss & willow, cut baby photos to hang), ribbon […]

The Big Move

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We sold our Hoboken apartment and will move to Warwick, NY on Sept 1 into a spacious house with actual stairs and rooms and yard! This is going to be a huge change for all of us. I have mixed emotions about leaving Hoboken. It’s been so great having everything within a few blocks so […]

Leo James Ford

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birth & beyond

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WAH WAH WEE WAH. What a trip. I can’t believe Ellie is here…and she is ours…to keep…alive. –This post is a little graphic so don’t read if you are faint of heart– I arrived at the hospital 7pm Monday, Dec 1 with Kenny & my parents. We checked into the room and did some light […]

20/21 week update

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I’ll be 21 weeks tomorrow. We had our 5 month ultrasound this week. It was a lot of fun and took longer than the last ultrasounds because they took around 80 pictures of all baby Ford’s organs & bones. We saw him/her yawn & kick which was really cool. I have to go back because […]

checkup – 18 weeks

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i had my routine monthly checkup today and so far so good. i’m 3 lbs over the recommended weight gain. sigh. it must have been that slice of delicious cheesecake from the cheesecake factory this weekend. it was a little slice of heaven. i just received my prenatal yoga dvd in the mail today so […]