quane life

last night i dreampt about having a “quane life”. i guess i made this word up in my sleep. A “quane life” is a life that has many nostaligic moments, people, & objects. i know, it’s weird, but i told myself in my sleep that i would blog it.

i also dreampt that i found a ‘benefactor’ that got me an art studio. it was more like a factory with super high ceilings and my paintings covered the walls.

so tomorrow we head out to Vail before the crack of dawn.


last night i dreamt that i had a little strawberry blonde baby girl. apparently i didn’t realize it until 2 days later and had to go find where i left her which ended up being at my (late) grandmother’s apartment. the baby was wearing a t-shirt that said ‘Lily’ which i had apparently allowed kenny to name her in my drugged post-birth daze. i didn’t like the name now so i decided to name her ‘Ruby’ (my birthstone). just as good, right? so i go to pick up my new baby and she starts singing showtunes and talking up a storm. i gave birth to a prodigy! people came from all around to see her and give her gifts. and at one point i saved her from choking on a huge everlasting gobstopper. what does it all mean?