craft: before & after recycled robeez box

i did a fun little project this month. my friend erin gave my little guy a pair of robeez shoes and i couldn’t bear to throw out the box. hoarder! so i recycled it into a gift box and gave it back to erin full of fun little trinkets, neat paper labels, a mix cd, and a paper wasp nest since she would appreciate the beauty of it.


AFTER (really thought i had a better pic!):

CONTENTS (not exactly, but had the same feel as this):

natural wood trellis

i made this wood branch trellis tonight. I think I’ll cut off the top parts so it’s just a rounded arch. but here it is in all it’s glory, a trellis for my morning glories!


seriously? when is this thing going to bloom already?!

bunny meadow baby shower

we had a ‘bunny meadow‘ baby shower for my sister-in-law at my house this weekend. i’ve been busy rearranging, cleaning, crafting & decorating for it (others did the amazing cooking.) i made the hanging tissue paper puffballs, the paper onesie banner, the centerpieces (painted pots, added moss & willow, cut baby photos to hang), ribbon & paper napkin rings, paper bunny punch-out confetti & thank-you tags. dessert included cake topped with a chocolate bunny brownie. my mom made the fabric rice filled ‘boo-boo bunnies’ favors. and there were also lovely scented soap favors with thank-you tags. it turned out lovely and here are some pics!