Remembering November

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Remembering November

November was a gust that blew through here like a hurricane and left in it’s path smiles, laughter, crafts, gifts and cheers…and continued through December.    We celebrated many family birthdays and welcomed my new niece Reece!  Here are a few fun photos of things we made and did in November:

11 time saving tips for creative mothers

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11 time saving tips for creative mothers

A while back I wrote a post titled ‘artist moms‘ when I was struggling to find time to be creative.  Well, here I am almost two years later…still struggling but I thought I’d share some tips I’ve picked up along the way. 1.  MOTHERS HELPER.  Don’t feel comfortable leaving your child alone just yet? or […]

Elephant & Whale Pals

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I did these two sweet acrylic paintings of a whale & elephant with a kids room in mind.  The colors and imagery are sweet, soothing and fresh. They are a smallish 12″x15″ so can be paired together easily on a wall.  If you want them, email me and I can hook you up!

just made

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this week, i slowly but surely made some things that i’ve been wanting to try just for fun. i channeled my inner child and made some bookmarks pre-school style! had lots of fun shaving crayon bits onto the wax paper…positioning words & paper cut-outs…then ironing to melt crayons and seal everything in place. the bookmark […]

Flutter Light

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FINALLY finished this butterfly mobile project for my daughter’s room…was inspired by a butterfly mobile in a pottery barn catalog. I did the painting before she was born…inspired by some scrapbook paper I loved…

joe kaufman: how we are born, how we grow, how our bodies work, and how we learn

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i am so excited to get this book in the mail for ellie & leo! i spent 3-4 hours looking for this book online. i didn’t know the title or author…only memories of the illustrations. finally, i stumbled across which found the book previously for someone else. the illustrations are ingrained in my memory. […]

The Big Move

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We sold our Hoboken apartment and will move to Warwick, NY on Sept 1 into a spacious house with actual stairs and rooms and yard! This is going to be a huge change for all of us. I have mixed emotions about leaving Hoboken. It’s been so great having everything within a few blocks so […]

Leo James Ford

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10 weeks

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We had our 9 week appointment last week and Ellie is was 11lbs 10oz, 24.25″ long, and i forget her head size but who really cares about that? Her head looks jest fine thank ya very much. She is smiling & babbling so much now and it’s just so damn cute. Looks like she’s getting […]