oh my head

Marley sleeping in my arms the day after our St. Patrick’s party. That’s pretty much how i felt too.


i’m getting anxious about my upcoming art shows. i did a lot of work on a bunch of pieces this weekend and felt great about them on saturday. then i looked at everything again on sunday and now i’m freaking out. i don’t know if everything will be ready on time. i don’t know whether i should even show some of these or not. i don’t know how i’m going to frame the flat ones. i don’t know whether i should show both abstract & realistic pieces. i’m hoping it all works itself out. next weekend i’ll take pictures and make decisions about what to show and pray that they all dry by the 3rd for installation day.

About Me

Am an Artist.
Love studying the movement of things.
Wish I loved to cook as much as I like to eat.
Am waiting for the discovery of superstrings.

I graduated from Hartwick College with a concentration in Printmaking and was also a competitive swimmer for four years. Worked in Manhatten, lived in Hoboken, worked in Brooklyn, worked from home, becamse a SAHM, and recently moved to Warwick, NY with my husband Ken, daughter Ellie, & son Leo.

I have a website dedicated to my paintings & artwork: www.infemity.com
and an etsy shop where I sell some of it: www.etsy.com/shop/FemiFord

January – where it went

running with scissors
snow flower and the secret fan

an inconvenient truth
the illusionist
black dahlia
the family stone
saw 4
pirates of the caribbean (part ?)

home improvement:
put up the shelves in my bathroom that have been under the bed for 2 years.
got extra long shower curtains so the plastic doesn’t fly out of the tub
found a lighting company i like: alico industries

went to my brother’s awesome wedding in VT
went to CO and met up w/my sister-in-law & some friends
went to my cousin’s bridal shower
met up with an old work pal for a yummy glass of wine


don’t be surprised if you don’t see me in Feb…i’m hibernating for the season.


I am THIS close to buying some goldilocks so i can get the instant gratification of long hair again.
But can I really spend $70 on something so frivilous when there are so many other worthy causes out there? Like Nutrisystem?


last night i dreamt that i had a little strawberry blonde baby girl. apparently i didn’t realize it until 2 days later and had to go find where i left her which ended up being at my (late) grandmother’s apartment. the baby was wearing a t-shirt that said ‘Lily’ which i had apparently allowed kenny to name her in my drugged post-birth daze. i didn’t like the name now so i decided to name her ‘Ruby’ (my birthstone). just as good, right? so i go to pick up my new baby and she starts singing showtunes and talking up a storm. i gave birth to a prodigy! people came from all around to see her and give her gifts. and at one point i saved her from choking on a huge everlasting gobstopper. what does it all mean?