The Trend Portal

I’m so excited to announce that I’m now a contributing editor to the Trend Portal at White Buffalo Studio! I love watching the runways and pulling boards together. As a designer myself I’m able to collect imagery that is helpful to print designers. The Trend Portal is an affordable option for designers who don’t have time to do it all!

What is the Trend Portal?

Market research, design briefs and color direction provided to support you in your creative process. Whether you are looking for inspiration, direction or just a different perspective, we can help. Be sure you join the email list for your weekly dose of inspiration.

No matter how much we all LOVE to pour over the runway while doing endless market research…if you are like so many designers out there, sometimes having a little support or an outside perspective can really allow you to free up time and focus on design!

Learn more and sign up for the Trend Portal here!

2021 Update


I’m not a big blogger but I do write in a journal everyday just to clear my head. But I figure since I will likely never look at that journal once it’s full, I will make an entry here.

We are healthy. Our family made it through the pandemic unscathed so far and most of us are vaccinated now. But not everyone I know is out of the woods and I am sending them love & light today. The kids are back in school full time (fingers crossed it stays) so we are getting back to a rhythm we all love.

bohemian bikini textile design

On the career front, I joined with White Buffalo Studio as a designer in Oct 2020 and as a Creative Assistant in Jan 2021. Leslie has been an amazing mentor and I’m convinced there are 3 of her!

I’m looking forward to what the year brings and have a few goals in mind.

Please reach out if you think we would be a great fit and let’s make something beautiful together!

2020 Pattern Update

Femi Ford Bedding

If you know me, you know I’m a girl of few words, which is why I live on Instagram. But my website needed a major refresh so here I am…renewing my commitment to my love of pattern! I have a goal of getting an iPad Pro with Procreate, so I’m hoping this refresh helps motivate myself and buyers!

Spoonflower has made navigating my shop a little easier and it seems they consolidated Roostery products within their own site. I’m really excited about the new large format mockup photos I found. It really helps solidify your direction when you see the patterns on product.

Barring any new crises, I will post new patterns to both Spoonflower and Patternbank and sign with a new Rep. I’m setting a schedule to recolor some old work and forge ahead with the new. Stay tuned and stay safe friends!

Wickham Works 2019 Calendar

Wickham Works Calendar

Wickham Works Calendar *available online*

For the friend who has everything.

Wickham Works has released its limited edition 2019 screen printed calendar this December. With a bit-o-knowledge about screen printing and a lot of forearm strength we set out to edition 125 copies of a 12-month calendar. You can

Spring Showers bring New Scarves & Fabric!

Happy Spring!  Who doesn’t love Spring and flowers and birds?!  I’m very excited to share these new scarves and fabrics that are finally available for you to enjoy! I had so much fun making them over the past year and look forward to sharing a more cohesive collection next year!

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Femi Ford: *NEW* Scarves on Etsy

Femi Ford:  Fabric by the Yard on Spoonflower

Femi Ford is a Printmaker and Surface Pattern Designer living in the Hudson Valley.  She incorporates her drawings and linocuts into designs for textiles, stationary and wall art.Her prints are vibrant and organic taking inspiration from nature.  When not making art, she enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, gardening, volunteering or just relaxing with her family.