2020 Pattern Update

Femi Ford Bedding

If you know me, you know I’m a girl of few words, which is why I live on Instagram. But my website needed a major refresh so here I am…renewing my commitment to my love of pattern! I have a goal of getting an iPad Pro with Procreate, so I’m hoping this refresh helps motivate myself and buyers!

Spoonflower has made navigating my shop a little easier and it seems they consolidated Roostery products within their own site. I’m really excited about the new large format mockup photos I found. It really helps solidify your direction when you see the patterns on product.

Barring any new crises, I will post new patterns to both Spoonflower and Patternbank and sign with a new Rep. I’m setting a schedule to recolor some old work and forge ahead with the new. Stay tuned and stay safe friends!

Wickham Works 2019 Calendar

Wickham Works Calendar

Wickham Works Calendar *available online*

For the friend who has everything.

Wickham Works has released its limited edition 2019 screen printed calendar this December. With a bit-o-knowledge about screen printing and a lot of forearm strength we set out to edition 125 copies of a 12-month calendar. You can buy a copy of the calendar here and support local making.

About Wickham Works

Wickham Works is a group of makers coalescing around the idea of building cultures, communities and jobs. We do this through organizing events by and for makers, artists, activists, and musicians. The calendar is the first physical thing we have made and sold as a group. The money we raise will pay for new projects like a dark room and sink in our studio, lumber for work benches and shelving and more equipment for making things. Making a calendar purchase means that Wickham Works can keep making things happen.

The Artwork

Each month is hand drawn and lettered by a local artist. The artwork was then digitized and screens were burned. The artists from January to December respectively are: Femi Ford (January), Gabriel Jasmin, Roger Moss, Jamie Munkatchy, Pat Foxx, Janet Fatta Howard, Melissa Shaw-Smith, Fern Hippely, Steven Vega, Gary Genetti, Rebecca Pry, and Dayna Christison. Here are images of each month.

The Process

We burned 2-3 screens for each calendar month. Multiple color prints required a screen for each color. We built 5 presses and gathered folks to print from August to November of 2018. We printed on 100% post consumer waste paper from New York’s own Mohawk mill. Our screens and ink come from Victory Factory in Queens, New York. Rooster Tees in Warwick, New York burned our screens. We printed at the Warwick Valley Community Center, on Church Street, and Horizon Farms road. We printed in dining rooms, basements, art studios, backyards and dance studios. We taught ourselves 3 kinds of registration technique for multiple colors and experimented with inks and transparency medium. In the end we pulled the squeegee 4,250 times. And learned what drill bits can make holes in large stacks of paper. Here are images of the process.

How to get your copy

Click this link to purchase. If you are in and around Warwick, New York we will contact you and deliver the calendar to your doorstep. If you are not close enough, we will ship the calendar at no cost to you.

Holiday Products and 2019 workshops

It’s been a while since I posted!  I had a great two days at the Love Local Holiday Market in Warwick, NY.  I made a lot of new products and have posted them to a special holiday section in my ETSY shop here.  There are lots of sales going on including free shipping for a limited time.

I’m also offering gift certificates for private art lessons and group workshops in 2019.

2019 art lessons at Femi’s home studio.
Explore the worlds of painting, printmaking, art journaling, bookbinding & more.
Incorporates nature elements whenever possible. We can discuss what you or your child are interested and make a plan for their session.

Private Lessons…age 6+
Priced at the hourly rate of $50 per hour for one student.

Group Workshops…ages 10+
2 hour workshop with up to 8 students… $35 per session for one student.
Due to room limitations only 8 art students per workshop. Announced via
sign-up genius link in January – March, Saturdays, 10am – 12pm.

Spring Showers bring New Scarves & Fabric!

Happy Spring!  Who doesn’t love Spring and flowers and birds?!  I’m very excited to share these new scarves and fabrics that are finally available for you to enjoy! I had so much fun making them over the past year and look forward to sharing a more cohesive collection next year!

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Femi Ford: *NEW* Scarves on Etsy

Femi Ford:  Fabric by the Yard on Spoonflower

Femi Ford is a Printmaker and Surface Pattern Designer living in the Hudson Valley.  She incorporates her drawings and linocuts into designs for textiles, stationary and wall art.Her prints are vibrant and organic taking inspiration from nature.  When not making art, she enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, gardening, volunteering or just relaxing with her family.


2018 Creative Art Workshops coming soon!

Please subscribe to my email list to be the first to hear about new products AND upcoming adult and/or child creative workshops held in Warwick, NY!

Some topics I could explore are Linocuts, Gelatin Printing/Monoprints, Art Journaling, Book Binding, Visionboards, Lettering, Illustration/drawing and more.  Let me know in the comments what you are looking for…adults or children? and what workshop interests you most?

New Work: Early Bird Home Collection

Here is my most recent collection that is now available for licensing on home décor products.
Contact info@femiford.com if you are interested!

All work is copyright Femi Ford Art & Design 2017.
All images copyrighted and may not be used without permission. Do not copy.







Updated Etsy shop and new Linocuts

I’ve been busy working on my Etsy shop this month by adding better photos, better descriptions and most importantly NEW WORK!  I’m excited to be back working on my linocut projects again.  I’ve had a few big projects for my kids school and I’ve started a flexible day job with my husband again plus the usual holiday & birthday madness.  But things should slow down enough now that I can find pockets of time to enjoy making art!  I also plan to update my Spoonflower shop with new fabrics designed from my linocuts.  So stay tuned!

Here’s a sneek peek at my latest linocut project that will be added to my Etsy shop soon.  You can see more of it on my Instagram feed.


Floral Linocut Wall Art

I’ve been experimenting with taking photos of my linocut prints in different frames and settings to see what kind of style I like.  Here are the most recent fruits of my labor!  Many thanks to my friend for lending me her camera.  You can buy most of these original linocut prints in my Etsy shop.  The last sunflower print will be available soon.

"Hello",  Linocut wall art print by Femi Ford Art + Design
“Hello”, Linocut wall art print by Femi Ford Art + Design

"Havana Lilies" Linocut wall art print by Femi Ford Art + Design
“Havana Lilies” Linocut wall art print by Femi Ford Art + Design

"Sunflowers Smile" linocut wall art print by Femi Ford Art + Design
“Sunflowers Smile” linocut wall art print by Femi Ford Art + Design


Making Space: Studio Clean-up

Did I forget to mention that my blog is EIGHT years old?  I just nearly ran out of space on my server when I realized how long it’s been!  What started out as a lark on Blogger has turned out to be the best way to hold myself accountable in creating my art.

I spent the entire day yesterday clearing out old work, useless stuff and organizing my most used tools & materials.  I tried to anticipate some systems that will make my work process a little smoother and cleaner. All this with a little help from Regina Spector & Stella Artois so it was a fun project!  It feels SO good and I’m SO excited to make some new work now that the holidays are over.

In the next two months I’m going to create and submit some new prints to my college alumni exhibit and a printmaking contest.  Stay tuned!

studioLeft-2015 studioRight-2015