Hello, I’m Femi.

I’m an artist, designer, and most recently a trend editor.

I love being an artist.

I’ve always been a maker of some kind. For the past 10 years I’ve been focused on creating prints and pattern whether it be with linocut, screenprint or painted designs. I am constantly experimenting in order to refine my print style and to keep myself motivated. My main focus is apparel design but I love keeping variety on my desk.

I love seeing art come to life.

Seeing your work out in the world is so satisfying. Whether it’s a book cover or a bohemian print bikini, I want to help others bring their vision to life. I’m proud to show my kids how hand made art still serves in a time when digital reigns.

My inspiration comes from many places but mostly nature, art, architecture, travel, antique handprinted textiles and contemporary fashion. 

When not making art, I love spending time with family & friends at the beach, in the forest, and on the slopes. 

I track the moon’s calendar, adore vegan food, and seek balance in all I do.

Let’s make some magic together!

I take on a few custom projects per month. Please reach out for a PDF of design services and general pricing.

Want to know more?

Here’s the long and winding path I’ve taken…

In college, I found my love of Printmaking. It was a dream to explore silkscreen, lithography, monoprint, relief print and letterpress.  I love the smell of inks, the history and the repetition of printmaking. After graduation, I transitioned to a retail job in the Creative Services Department of Ralph Lauren with hopes of finding graphic design work within the company. Instead, I ended up in Manhattan and then Brooklyn where I honed my skills in managing website and graphic design projects with two separate firms.

However, I missed getting my hands dirty and took art classes at night. Hob’art, a local art co-op in Hoboken, became a wonderful source of friendship and allowed me to exhibit my artwork locally.  I left the design world for a few years to help my husband launch his own financial advisory firm in Hoboken while we began our family.

Once we outgrew our studio apartment we moved to the Hudson Valley where I helped my husband relocate & rebrand his business. In his extra space I established an art gallery exhibiting local artists work as well as my own. I experimented with acrylic, linocut and screenprinting. After years of working with my husband, volunteering in my kids school, and working with local non-profits I’m dedicated full time to pursue my passion for textile design.

I’m a life long learner

I’m grateful to all the teachers & guides that have come into my life!

2021 Complete Compositions – Natasha Gulliford, online
2020 Print Life – Leslie Kenehan, online
2018 The Print School – Longina Phillips, online
2017 Make Art that Sells, Lilla Rogers & Margot Tantau
2013 Call of the Wild Soul Art Retreat with Tracy Verdugo, Erin Faith Allen & Teesha Moore, Petaluma, CA
2013 Textile Design Lab with Michelle Fifis, online
2012 Bloom True with Flora Bowley
2012 The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, online
2011 Workshop with Jonathan Talbot, Warwick, NY
2007 Etching with Elaine Breiger, School of Visual Arts, NYC
2004 Etching with Elaine Breiger,School of Visual Arts, NYC
2003 Drawing the figure, Art Students League, NYC
1998 Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY
–BA, Printmaking Concentration with Gloria Escobar
–Graduated with Departmental Distinction in Art
–1998 Arkell Hall Award in Art
–1997 Top Honors – Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

Fun fact!

I worked at a greenhouse for several summers. Spending hours planting, pruning and prepping fostered my love and knowledge of flowers.

We are born makers. We move what we’re learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands.

-Brene Brown