I’m not a big blogger but I do write in a journal everyday just to clear my head. But I figure since I will likely never look at that journal once it’s full, I will make an entry here.

We are healthy. Our family made it through the pandemic unscathed so far and most of us are vaccinated now. But not everyone I know is out of the woods and I am sending them love & light today. The kids are back in school full time (fingers crossed it stays) so we are getting back to a rhythm we all love.

bohemian bikini textile design

On the career front, I joined with White Buffalo Studio as a designer in Oct 2020 and as a Creative Assistant in Jan 2021. Leslie has been an amazing mentor and I’m convinced there are 3 of her!

I’m looking forward to what the year brings and have a few goals in mind.

Please reach out if you think we would be a great fit and let’s make something beautiful together!

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