Making Space: Studio Clean-up

Did I forget to mention that my blog is EIGHT years old?  I just nearly ran out of space on my server when I realized how long it’s been!  What started out as a lark on Blogger has turned out to be the best way to hold myself accountable in creating my art.

I spent the entire day yesterday clearing out old work, useless stuff and organizing my most used tools & materials.  I tried to anticipate some systems that will make my work process a little smoother and cleaner. All this with a little help from Regina Spector & Stella Artois so it was a fun project!  It feels SO good and I’m SO excited to make some new work now that the holidays are over.

In the next two months I’m going to create and submit some new prints to my college alumni exhibit and a printmaking contest.  Stay tuned!

studioLeft-2015 studioRight-2015

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