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Well, I guess two months is long enough to be neglecting the blog!

FamilyCentral-logo-horizWe’ve been busy adapting to new schedules of pre-school, kindergarten, teaching, and balancing new projects.  I’m really excited about this new initiative in our area called, Family Central. It is a grassroots movement that aspires to address the need to safeguard childhood and to bring balance back into family life.  I created the logo to the right and other printed material for them.  I’m looking forward to their big kick-off on Nov 2 at our local library.

Pre-school teaching has been going well so far, in that I haven’t taught anything yet.  Since our class is a combination of art & cooking, I’ve just been assisting the chef with her class. This Friday will be our transition class and we will have an Artist vs. Chef dual (skit) where we finally lay to rest the age old question of which is better, Art or Cooking?!  It should be hilarious.  The kids will also get to mix their own edible paint and eat/paint with it!

Our kindergarten encourages parent participation, so I created a paper-mache  grasshopper for their classroom…up next is a blue morpho butterfly!  I also get to paint a life size tee pee in the school library so I’ve been surfing around looking for native american inspiration. 

My husband and I took two vacations, one was a wedding in Martha’s Vineyard and the other was a golf tournament in North Carolina.  We had great weather at both and made lots of memories.  One thing we decided while on vacation was that we need to get outdoors together more so we have done a few hikes with the kids since then.  Loving it!

I’m really excited about a redecorated room in my house.  It was a music room with a baby grand piano in it.  But I wanted a colorful, yet quiet room where I could do yoga, art, reading, meditation, & display my art.  So on a whim, I rolled up the carpet, and rolled the piano into our living room…and it fits!  So my new room has a nice hardwood floor and it’s perfect for yoga.  I have a little desk to work at, a reclining chair to read in, and lots of soft pillows and blankets for me & the kids to snuggle in this winter.  Eventually, I want to incorporate some of my own patterns on pillows and maybe even the chair.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to work on patterns, but I did start a large painting for the new room…photos to come once I feel it’s all in balance.

And now the weather change is upon us…hoping winter will slow us all down a bit.  I look forward to the first thick blanket of snow and the quiet that comes with it.   Next year both kids are in full day school, so I have a feeling next year will be very, very, quiet yet productive.

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