zestt ‘Fractured Light’ now on Nordstrom

Posted on Jul 16, 2014 in art, linocut, painting | 4 Comments

zestt-art-print-fractured-light-fordI am fortunate to be working with, zestt, Home Decor for a Modern World, as described previously here.   They have created a beautiful home accessories website and catalog and work directly with indie artists (like me!) when selecting artwork for their collections.   Currently, zestt features three different color stories including, Mandarin Spice,  Sapphire & Sage, and Sunkissed Slate.   I have several specially colored linocut prints and two paintings within their product lines.


Recently, zestt has become part of the Nordstrom family, with many of their products available on their website now!  As if I wasn’t excited enough to be working with zestt, now I see my print, Fractured Light, on the Nordstrom website!  What an absolute thrill to see how far one print can travel!

In October, talented Baltimore interior designer, Lauren Levine, was interviewed on the zestt blog, Behind the Yellow Door.  When asked to select a favorite zestt product I was sincerely flattered when she selected my painting, Seeds of Change, from the Sapphire & Sage collection.

You can view more of my work on the shop zestt website by clicking the color stories below or visit my shop page for other options.






  1. Carmen
    July 16, 2014

    Congratulations Femi.

  2. Megan Kritikos
    July 16, 2014

    This is soo sooo exciting, Femi!!!! I am absolutely in awe, so I can imagine your excitement!!! (Oh, and I also happen to be insanely jealous of you. I miss doing linocuts and anything remotely creative and wish so bad I could make creativity work for me instead of being stuck in a rut at a desk job!!) Congratulations again! A talent of yours should be shared with the world!!

    • Femi
      July 20, 2014

      Thanks Megan!! You know, flattery will get you everywhere ;D

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