Gelatin Mini-Prints

Posted on Jan 10, 2014 in art, gelatin, pattern, printmaking | No Comments

I made these mini-gelatin prints to giveaway as “trades” during the Call of the Wile Soul art retreat last November.  I printed with a bunch of my own stencils, store bought stencils and found objects. Some prints I embellished by hand with paint.  I wrapped them with other scraps of collage paper and trinkets for others to use in their work at the retreat.  Here’s a few snaps of my favorites…enjoy!


The messy truth of art.

IMG_7514IMG_7511IMG_7518 IMG_7449IMG_7456   IMG_7458  IMG_7512IMG_7452  IMG_7517   IMG_7519 IMG_7520IMG_7451 IMG_7457  IMG_7527

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