Call of the Wild Soul Art Retreat

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It is now over a month ago that I attended the Call of the Wild Soul Art Retreat in Petaluma, CA.
I posted an album of photos on my Facebook page which captures the essence of my trip.  This is a small selection.


I am so grateful to the universe for prodding me along on that much needed journey.

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to travel by myself and it all feels like a dream now.


A magical dream.


  It was a lovely secluded location, with inspiring artists, many personal stories shared, new friends, meditation time, yoga, vegetarian meals prepared.


Much thanks to erin faith allen & simon for organizing;  and to the inspiring artists I learned from: alena hennessy, teesha moore, and tracy verdugo!



There was an art market on Saturday night where I sold my handmade lino-cut cards.  I took a chance and also brought along the painting I created in tracy verdugo’s class.  A lovely, local, woman who was also attending the retreat ended up buying it!  It was meant to be and I was so happy she connected with my work.



Still can’t get over these trees.


I was also thrilled to have my “goddess” photo taken on the last day of the retreat by photographer Stacy de la Rosa.

It was a beautiful, sunny day…I was her last shoot…she gave me some magic potions, grounded us both and then she captured this moment in time.

{photo coming soon!}

I finished up the trip by visiting my sister-in-law in San Francisco who took me to yoga, more delicious veg eateries, and topped it off with a massage & pedicure.

THANK YOU EVERYONE!  including my family who stayed behind to care for my husband and my littles!  xoxoxox


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