Wow! Where is the time going? I need to regroup, clean my studio & focus! Maybe that should be my word for the year…FOCUS. I thought it was VIBRANT, but I think that pertains mainly to the result of being FOCUSED! Cause & effect people!

I’m looking around my studio at the piles of inspiration & creations. Wondering what to do with all these raw elements that have been incorporated into patterns. They are not quite developed individually enough to be final sale-able art on their own (in my eyes). First runs of linoprints, textures, doodles, mark making, etc. So I’m thinking of cutting them up and reassembling into one of a kind note cards. They actually sold well at my open studio tour last fall.

HOWEVER> I am attached to each of these little pieces & scraps. I am a paper scrap hoarder. THERE I’VE SAID IT. When I look at each of these colorful creations, I remember what inspired it, how I felt while creating it and what pattern it eventually turned into…that’s a lot of baggage for a shred of paper the size of my hand!

On top of this, I think we are moving in May (for real this time). So I realllly need to address the situation. So….I think notecards it is….my chest is already tightening at the thought of wielding scissors to paper. help.

What do you do with your leftover arts??

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