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  • All great ideas Femi! I’m trying to get better at make ahead meals. I don’t know why I’m so shocked every day around 5:30 when people are hungry that I have to make dinner but have nothing prepared or planned. Doing this ahead of time would make life so much easier! 🙂

  • Hello Femi,
    Lovely post, I’ll have to try some of your ideas. As for quick and easy meals, I’d love to share what we are having for dinner tonight. Outside of being super good, it’s also a very economical family meal. I prepare it 1st thing in the morning, this way it has all day to marinate. Then when it’s dinner time , I simply pop it in the oven and prepare the rice cooker. Great with a salad or sometimes I simple open a can of corn.


  • New to this game but I often cook enough to last two-three days running. The oven bake things tend to be the best at staying yummy… that and not so spicy curries. I am currently working out ways to clean faster and more efficiently. Just brought a feather duster – which is awesome. Zip around the house in minutes, don’t need to move anything just waft it around and play with the cat at the same time.

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