19 Replies to “Passion for Pattern Bloghop!”

  1. I’ve always been impressed by your work, it’s very distinctive. It’s hard to know what is more fun on this blog hop – seeing all of the amazing work of my fellow ABSPDer’s or seeing Miranda chose her faves (which are always “her”!).

  2. Femi, I love your work and so exciting to see how you’re building up your portfolio. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in coming months. It’s been so inspirational to see other designers work. Best wishes. x

  3. Fabulous designs Femi! I too am looking for representation, hopefully we’ll both be discovered soon. Your art is so easily recognizable to me now after our 3 modules together. I hope we can meet in person someday. Keep on designing and I’ll be back often to see what you’re up to. Cheers!

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