I’m home, feet up on couch, resting after my (mis)adventures at PrintSource NY. Almost everything went as planned…my parents came early to watch the kids, hubby dropped me at train in the nick of time, decided to walk the long blocks to Javits Center & found myself wondering why so many (not gay) men were entering this print/pattern convention. I step inside and see the words AUTO SHOW screaming everywhere! Okaaaay. My heart drops, I know I have the date right, right?! Maybe it’s on another floor and they dont have great signage?! Am I going to pass out?! I walk over to will-call where I am greeted with puzzled looks when I ask about a PrintWhat show? Thank god for the interwebs & iPhone! Turns out my show is way back across town @ 34th & 5th! Doh! I guess I’m lucky that’s really all that went awry. I scarfed a dirty water dog after spending most of my cash on a cab back across town and found the show.

The show itself was a lot smaller than I expected since I had envisioned it all at the Javits Center. I also expected lots of fun, crafty, merchandised booths with people showing off their patterns printed on pillows, bags, notecards, wallpaper, aprons, etc. But lo & behold, it was just patterns patterns patterns printed on sheets of paper tacked to walls & spread on tables! Buyers were seated with the designers/agents flipping the pages until something caught the buyers eye. Interesting. No photography was allowed or else I would have posted an overall shot of the booths.

I enjoyed a few trend seminars at the Future Cafe. Browsed through TONS of amazingly beautiful designs by Amy Ormand of Wooster & Prince. Sat quietly with no interruptions over a cappuccino. Ahhhh. All in all, it was a wonderful break & experience for this Mom.

Now I’m really curious about the Surtex show (which is really held at Javits Center). Has anyone been to Surtex that can provide insight into their booth displays? Is this also just patterns printed on paper or do they do more product mock-ups?

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