January 2012 is turning out to be even more exciting than 2011. So many great things have happened and I’m looking forward to even more. Here’s a few things I’m enjoying in list format because I love lists.

      1. Today one of my designs was selected & featured on

Rachael Taylor’s blog


Beth Nicholl’s Do What You Love blog


2. Module 2 of the awesome Surface Pattern Design Ecourse has begun!

3. One of my designs created in the Ecourse was selected & featured on the amazing blog, Print & Pattern!

4. I set up my first fabric for sale on Spoonflower! I expect to receive the samples tomorrow. And my friend is having placemats handmade from my fabric!

5. On Saturday I’m meeting with Bliss Co-op, a local woman’s art co-op in Sugarloaf, NY to discuss selling some of my work there!

6. I’ve been going to meetings set up by the Orange County Arts Council to to see how I can get more involved with the arts in my community.

7. I’m working through another great e-course that’s helping me focus & achieve my goals for 2012.

8. I got my studio/office totally organized & streamlined.

9. I downloaded, Inkpad, for my iPad to help me capture some digital doodles here & there.

10. My kids (2 & 3) are learning to play together really well = more free time for me to create art!

We are going to OWN 2012! Stay tuned…


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