I often wonder if my abstract works should be on fabric rather than the wall, or both!
In keeping with my theme for the year (THRIVE) I have signed up for a second e-course. This one is called, The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design. I find e-courses very helpful in getting me to ‘do’ things in little steps. I look forward to the daily task / inspiration and seeing everyone else’s results. Here’s an overview of what the course I signed up for:

In this module you will learn everything you need to know to turn basic sketches into elements for pattern design including:

  • How and where to seek out design inspiration
  • How to work with colour
  • How to create moodboards
  • How to build a pattern
  • How to develop your signature style and use this to brand your business
  • How to turn elements of a mixed media painting into a pattern (featuring the work of Kelly Rae Roberts)
  • Time-saving tricks and industry insider tips
  • The secrets of successful surface pattern designers

Awesome right? If you are interested, you can register for module 2 here!

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