i neglected to write a follow-up for this workshop. it was so exciting to be in a learning environment again. i met some nice people…some local, some a little further. all in different stages of their creative lives. the workshop itself began with some get to know you exercises (expectations & intentions with a fun twist), a nice presentation concerning the artist’s own process & philosphies which i felt was informative & reassuring, and some delicious scones. and of course we learned some great collage & image transfer techniques not to mention great info on how to mount, mat & frame and other tids n bits gleaned from the artist’s years of experience.

the artist who led the workshop is very generous and i’m thrilled that i was able to go back and try a little experiment on his printing press. i’m a bit out of practice and can’t say that it was like riding a bike but it was fun nonetheless! i love the smell of the ink.

i’m working on some collographs now…both kids asleep!

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