This is so strange that I had to share it with all two of my readers 🙂

My dear friend ‘e’ asked me to design her a sparrow tatoo. I’ve been struggling with the details since you can’t really get too close to birds. There’s only so much you can see on google images and I’m not getting the high resolution observation I want. So I’m frustrated.

Today, I’m washing dishes looking out the window when I hear “BAM.” An all too familiar sound of bird-to-window-impact. I ran out on our porch hoping to see that he had flown away, but unfortunately he lay there, in the snow, on his back taking his last little birdy breath. WAH.

So I bundled him in some soft fleece and put him in the sun for a while to see if he was just in a coma. But I checked again later and he was a stiff…so I left him out there a little longer while we went about our daily household routine and mourned.

The whole day I’m wondering if it would be weird to take some pics of the bird. I convinced myself that it was better that he didn’t die in vain, and it must be more than a coincidence that he flew into my window when I most needed to observe a Sparrow!

So now I’m wondering…is it weird that I’m posting these pictures? Would it be strange if I sewed him a little funeral vest?

well, without further ado, I present Bernie. I’m especially enamored with the pattern of his breast feathers. yes, i propped him on a piece of wood…in front of some bird fabric.

RIP Bernie, 02/03/11
I hope your family is ok without you.

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