so, i’m starting this week out with a bang…stumble…sinus infection. whatevr. currently one babe is watching Dora, the other is pulling out ALL the tupperware & extra oven racks.

i am psyched that my e-course has started this week. i’ve got my sketchbook & watercolors out next to me. so why am i blogging? i dunno.

i’m going to lose 20lbs (again) which i managed to gain from Halloween – New Year. sad state of affairs under these jogging pants. BUT the previous owner of our house left a treadmill & weight set down in the basement so i’ll be attempting a little walking/jogging/yoga/strength training in my so plentiful spare time. i’m using MyFitnessPal on my iphone & online to keep track of calories. it’s easy because every food & nutritional info is user-submitted so you don’t have to look at the labels. just select what you ate and it adds it up for you.

so Santa was good to us this year and LOVING the Kinect for xbox. i wet my pants everytime we run for track & field. not just because it’s funny but because i’ve had two kids, if-you-know-what-ima-sayin. hoping to get the fun Dance game and maybe the Biggest Loser workout so my neighbors can see what a huge dork i am.

ok, must tend to the littles.

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  • best of luck with that losing 20 lbs thing. I just got my fitness pal on my iphone as well, but I haven't started using it yet. Maybe next week when I get back to work!

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