ok, i need to pick a word for the year. i’ve been reading a lot of other peoples words but i can’t seem to narrow it down. chris brogan gives some helpful advice in choosing your words.

Pick three words that help you the way a lighthouse helps a ship in a storm. Give yourself a word that guides you towards a powerful new opportunity, and that keeps you focused on what comes of this year. Use these words as starting points for tangible goals, SMART goals that can be measured and have dates to accomplish tasks by. These words sit above the actual goals, and set your guiding principles in place.

the contenders:

create, patience, imagine, dream, explore, love, balance, growth

create: i think this is my ‘life’ word so should i really use it just for this year? seems too obvious and i don’t really need to be reminded that, hey, you want to create. duh.

patience: i need this often on a daily basis dealing with two kids in diapers. it also reminds that, YES, i am in the right place at the right time and i will have time to create eventually…whether it’s later that day, tomorrow, or when i’m 60.

imagine: this one is nice. it immediately puts my brain on a different wavelength. makes me think not just of creating, but of otherworldly things. of things i want to do. of places i want to see. of places that don’t exist. of possibilities. maybe i should buy some Lennon spectacles.

dream: hmm. kind of similar to imagine, but a little to foofy for me. next!

explore: feels a little lewis & clarky. and my travel days are numbered this year…zero. i could explore my backyard, explore new types of media to play with, explore my feelings (aw).

love: i am in love with my life right now. i realized this yesterday when we made a ‘life wheel’ in the e-course i’m taking. i am in a really stable, happy, comfortable place in my life that i always imagined. that’s why i can’t be too upset that i have a lack of time for art right now. this is a wonderful phase of enjoying my kids while they are both home. i’ll never have this again and i need to enjoy it and be present. LOVE.

balance: always a good one. this would remind me to take time for kids, time for hubs, time for ME. incorporates all aspects of my life wheel. instead of juggling, balance. but it doesn’t feel inspiring enough.

growth: artistic growth. i do really want to grow artistically and this one supports my desire to attend some workshops, retreats, & e-courses. and to experiment with new media, tools & techniques. learn something new everyday. try something new. grow.

so patience, imagine & growth are my favorite.

imagine & growth.

growth it is! such a weird word. any good synonyms for growth?

inspired by a classmate……THRIVE!

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