i am so excited to get this book in the mail for ellie & leo! i spent 3-4 hours looking for this book online. i didn’t know the title or author…only memories of the illustrations. finally, i stumbled across http://loganberrybooks.com/ which found the book previously for someone else. the illustrations are ingrained in my memory.

Joe Kaufman, Joe Kaufman’s How we are Born, How We Grow, How Our Bodies Work, and How We Learn, 1975. This is an oversized book from Golden Books. Pages 14 and 15 have the information on heredity and genetics with the picture of the red-haired child with his ancestors. There are 91 more pages of profusely illustrated biology and anatomy for kids in this book.

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    I had totally forgotten about it until I saw the girl with the steak skirt.
    Holy crap, I so need to get that. Best book ever.

  • I used to have this book too…. I loaned it to my parents for my little stepbrother and it has been lost… I have been searching for it for years now, I too did not remember the name or author just all the illustrations and how much I used to study the book…. So happy to have the name! I want it for my little girl. Best children's book ever, cannot believe it is out of print.

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