We had our 9 week appointment last week and Ellie is was 11lbs 10oz, 24.25″ long, and i forget her head size but who really cares about that? Her head looks jest fine thank ya very much.

She is smiling & babbling so much now and it’s just so damn cute. Looks like she’s getting close to rolling over so I can’t run into the kitchen for quick little snacks any more! She has definitely found her thumb now and helps comfort herself by sucking it near naptime. The doctor says this means she started the teething process. She started sucking her hand around 7 weeks but graduated to the thumb. It’s so funny to watch her try to get the thumb in her mouth. She raises her hand all the way up to her forehead and then drags it down her face until she reaches her mouth. so funny.

I saw Coraline the movie this past Friday and it was AWESOME. so creative. everything was handmade, no digital effects…can you imagine?? the director was there to answer questions at the end which was very cool. i was lucky to get a seat thanks to my friends who made it there early to wait on a looong line. word.

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  • The video was great-but my computer is too slow to see it all without stopping every few seconds to load. I think I heard her say I miss Oma and Opa!!!! Isn’t Kenny going skiing soon?

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