At 6 weeks, about half of all babies can recognize their parents, and many of those babies are so delighted that they welcome Mom or Dad with an excited, gurgly grin. This is one of the first signs that your baby is developing an ability to socialize. In fact, it’s called a “social smile,” and it’s one of the more emotionally gratifying milestones you’ll see your baby reach.

Ellie has definitely been smiling, grinning & finding her voice this past week! You can be guaranteed a smile while she’s on the changing pad. She’s also finding out that those little hands belong to her and she’s putting the right one in her mouth and the left one on her ear…usually when she’s hungry.

She also has fun playing a little before and after sleep. Kicking up a storm and motoring her arms like a helicopter while making some funny noises 🙂

She’s sleeping good, eating good, and the internal pipes are working good too. Looking forward to seeing Oma (maybe Opa?) this weekend!

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