well, technically it’s 38 weeks & 6 days but who’s counting?? i just bought this nice red sweatsuit which i expect to live in for the next 3 months. it’s sooooo comfortable.

so i’ve gone through almost every cabinet by now sorting & tossing, trying to make more room.
i finally opened boxes of china from our wedding 5 years ago and did an inventory. I can definitely have 6 people for a fancy meal, but only 3 of them can have soup. haha.

overall things are feeling pretty good. as of Tuesday I’m about 1 cm dilated so things are starting to move along. i’ve had such an awesome pregnancy that i’m afraid i’m going to get some monster baby that makes me want to jump out the window. i’m so glad my mom will be able to stay with us to help out!

all that’s left to do is 1) get the car inspected, 2) install baby car seat, 3) bring home stroller, 4) have baby!

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  • Your so funny!!!!! That’s great that your mom is going to be there to help!!!!! Infants are pretty scary when they first come home, you just don’t know what to do with them.
    I remember with Richie all I did was nurse him, round the clock that’s all they do for a while!!!!!!!!! I had hubby, my sister and my parents right next door when he was born and you would be surprised for how many adults we were to how clueless we all were with what to do with a baby!!!

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