So things are moving along! I had a check up today and everything seems to be on track and looks good. I’ve not had any symptoms except fatigue & a baby moving inside which is a good sign 😉

We had the baby shower about a week and half ago and got a ton of cute & useful stuff. Our wall is going to be done tonight!! So we can start painting and then moving all the baby stuff in. I CAN’T WAIT TO GET THIS ROOM SETUP!

By the way, I am affectionately referring to the baby as ‘Beak’. I had mentioned that one of the names we were considering was bird inspired and my friend, E, guessed Beak. haha!

I’m going to Babies-R-Us this weekend to get a free portrait of me and my belly. I hope they don’t put me in front of some weird neon lighting background like my fourth grade pictures.

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