Today marks 30 weeks of pregnancy with only 70 days to go! (That picture is actually only 29 weeks.) I’m still feeling good though I can feel myself getting more tired lately. My belly is definitely getting heavier now.

We had our first childbirth class on Wednesday with approx 15 other couples. We learned mostly anatomy & physiology in the first class which I think was more for the benefit of the men. I was particularly happy when the instructor told the men to massage the ladies at least once a week 🙂

Two weeks ago we met with a pediatrician but couldn’t understand a word he was saying, so I’ve got another interview lined up next Tuesday. I’m bummed because the first doctor was only 3 blocks away while the new one is on the opposite end of town. I know, Wah F’n Wah 🙂 But the new office has 3 female doctors who I think I’ll relate to better.

In other news, our closet is almost done and we received the new shelving stuff yesterday. I just have to wait for an electrician to move some wires that were in the closet or else we can’t put in the new shelving. I can’t wait to move our clothes from the dining room back into the closet! The contractor is also going to start building our new wall soon too…waiting on delivery of another sliding door. And I learned that in order to build a new pantry/closet we’ll have to add a sprinkler which is $$$. So that’s on hold pretty much indefinitely.

And a fun new purchase I made for when it’s all done…new bedding! It’s on backorder until the end of Sept but that should be perfect timing. Can’t wait!

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