I’ll be 21 weeks tomorrow. We had our 5 month ultrasound this week. It was a lot of fun and took longer than the last ultrasounds because they took around 80 pictures of all baby Ford’s organs & bones. We saw him/her yawn & kick which was really cool. I have to go back because the peanut was shy and they still need 5 more pictures. He/she was facing down towards my back the whole time and wouldn’t flip. Baby weighs approx 10 oz. and roughly 6″ long. AND we also have the baby’s sex in an envelope.

I still don’t want to know until the ‘birth’ day, but it is soooo tempting. We’re debating whether to wait, or to open it on a special occasion. We have a trip to Chicago planned in August where we’ll be staying at a fancy-schmancy hotel called “The James” (right picture). It’s for a work conference for Kenny’s job, but it also happens to be his birthday and likely my last big trip before the due date. So that could be a time we decide to look. But nothing is set in stone.


I’m going to try to fix some holes in our walls that Kenny and I made while exploring our options for an additional closet. We also got our sliding closet doors delivered. Ours has only two panels, not three. Now to install them!

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