i had my routine monthly checkup today and so far so good. i’m 3 lbs over the recommended weight gain. sigh. it must have been that slice of delicious cheesecake from the cheesecake factory this weekend. it was a little slice of heaven. i just received my prenatal yoga dvd in the mail today so we’ll see how the weight gain goes from here.

i heard the baby’s heartbeat again which is always a relief considering i feel good & haven’t felt movement yet…sometimes have a hard time believing ‘it’s in there’. most first time moms feel the baby around 20 – 22 weeks so maybe in two weeks i’ll feel him/her. i also got a blood test for the second screening which tests for genetic defects in something or other.

i have my next ultrasound on july 8! so far, we are not finding out the sex, but we may put the results in an envelope for later consideration. i want to be surprised, but kenny wants to know. we’re having fun thinking of different names. we have a definite boys name, and a narrowed down list for girls. i’ve been craving salty food so i’ve heard that means it’s a boy…that’s the only clue i’ve got so far.

i just did an online baby sex predictor and it says:
You have a 52% chance of having a boy.
And you have a 47% chance of having a girl.

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  • Eat what you want. It’s the most guilt free time for eating ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love those odds 52% boy, 47% girl. What complicated mathematical equation did they use for their predication because according to my calculations it’s 50% girl and 50% boy. Ha Ha!!!!
    I remember being pregnant with Richie and about 20 weeks I felt like I swallowed a butterfly, that’s the first sensation of movement I ever felt, very odd I remember.
    I’m so happy for you both, can’t wait to see you with a big baby belly and the maternity clothes are so pretty now and alot of stuff that’s not maternity that you still can use with the way the styles are now.
    Love ya,

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