this weekend was very productive in terms of home improvement. my parents stayed with us for the weekend and my dad installed a lamp over our dining table! it’s so awesome to have real overhead lighting controlled by an actual light switch/dimmer in this area instead of floor lamps. before he left, my dad also lowered our shower curtain to a normal height with a glass/tile drill. now i don’t have to buy oversize shower liners online anymore!

since we were on a roll, i decided at 3:00 sunday to redo the bathroom. we painted it a nice stone color instead of the warm neutral beige that has been there since we moved in. we removed some ugly cheap shelving that had collected way too many chachkis. i installed a towel bar, moved a shelf to better location within the shower, and hung a large wall candle holder that was originally in our dining area. so now the bathroom feels like it’s ours & it’s more spalike & feels bigger. kenny also cut some big holes in our walls that will eventually become storage/closets. hurray! more photos here.

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