i spent the weekend not creating art but doing some homework and planning for 2008. some main things i need to:

1. win some awards or grants…something to add to my resume & get me focused on creating a cohesive portfolio of work
2. create the portfolio…one that can be mailed out to prospective galleries
3. locate galleries that are open to new ’emerging’ artists and mail them my portfolio
4. make an effort on the “N” word…”Networking”

so this weekend i headed out to Chelsea to visit some galleries and see what’s out there. i found some nice galleries and saw a bit of nice artwork. i was underwhelmed to be honest. but here are some artists work that were memorable:

Ai Ohkawara: awesome paintings on view at monkdogz urban art gallery in “Flashing Flesh” show (shown to left)

Michael Salter: at Jeff Bailey Gallery. he had these porcelain sculpture “toys” called, ‘Subzer-o’. they come packaged in a box that says each Subzero creature suffers from a

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