thanks to all who braved the cold and came to my art opening! your presence was greatly appreciated and made the night a success 🙂

i’ve entered a local wallpaper contest…the winner will be announced this friday. i got a sneak peak at the competition…there’s some good ones in there so cross your fingers for me.

other than that i’m building some websites which i hope to conclude before the holidays. my art class is over. a friend showed me some other places i can continue my etchings when i’m ready that are a bit more budget friendly.

i went to see my cousin’s micro premie baby this weekend. she’s so tiny and continues to fight some serious battles. please say many many prayers for her.

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  • Hi, I heard about the baby and she is in our prayers. I feel for them, what an extremely difficult and heartwrenching thing to go through. I’ve worked with some babies that started out at a little over a pound, it’s a tough road but many do wonderful in the long run. See you at Christmas. Are you going to Conn.?
    Love, Kathryn

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