Click the image to view more pics from our trip to CA & AZ.
We spent 3 days in San Francisco visiting Erin. Then 3 days in Napa Valley trying lots of wine with Erin, Tom & Aimee. Then 3 days in Scottsdale, AZ at the Westin Kierland Resort for a work conference where I sat by the pool while Kenny worked 🙂

By far my favorite stores in CA were Needles & Pens, which was filled with artistic & musical goods. Crossroads Trading Company, a place to buy, sell, and trade your fashionable clothing. And City Art, something we’re trying to do with Hob’art here in Hoboken.

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  • I did not know you had a blog. I just found it, my head is finally out of my a** and I actually have time to be a person now, so as I am sitting here playing on my nice new laptop (Richie fried the last one wanted to kill him) I’m checking it out. How fun!! We’ll be there Sunday, see you then.
    Love, Kathryn
    I saw that you tagged me, gonna work on that now! 🙂

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