wow, a whole week has passed without a post…it feels like two weeks for some reason…

i saw my cousin john play at open mic night in hoboken. he rocked the show. i will try to post video but i think it’s too big.

this past saturday, i spent the day at our hob’art group show and it was pretty slow since we were off the beaten path for the open studio tour, but hopefully we are getting the daily work crowd looking at our work. we had a nice little reception where i met an artist who may join our group, maureen kelleher, and some other peeps.

saturday night i went to this opening in hoboken: and it was packed! someday i hope to have a solo show opening just like it. champagne, passed hors douvres, cops to quell the crowds. it’s right around the corner from my apartment and would be super convenient.

sunday, I walked around Jersey City open studio tour and there seemed to be a good crowd…hard to tell because there were so many stops. i took some notes on artists i liked and hope to dig deeper on a few and post about them soon!

my etching class is going very well (which i am extending for 6 weeks!) and i feel like i have enough quality pieces for a show of just etchings…however, i have not printed any editions yet. i just have a single good print of each one. and my shoulder already feels like it is going to fall off from all the inking. i just put together a small portfolio of the etchings but i don’t have time to scan/post since we are leaving for california tomorrow at 5am! and i have yet to pack! san fran, napa, & then phoenix for a work thing. wooohooo! i’m going to check out sabrina ward harrison’s open studio while i’m there! so you might not hear from me for a week.

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