if you don’t like ‘bitter, table for one’ humor…skip this post.

i was SOOOO excited to go into the print studio today. i had my day all planned out. interesting when the world has different plans for you.

1. wake up early. (slept in & skipped shower)
2. have kenny drive me downtown. (got a flat tire.)
3. pick up FREE artist stretcher bars thanks to craigslist. (got a huge one & lots others!)
4. have kenny drop me at path. (yay, train was quick)
5. go to print studio. (it’s freakin CLOSED due to YOM KIPPUR. thx for not posting signage this week, F’rs)
6. walk to path. (browsed art stores & outdoor flea market, fun. got a huge blister.)
7. limp to path.
8. exit path to completely unexpected torrential downpour. (i would’ve worn my new rubber rain boots had they not predicted clear 80 degree weather.)
9. got home, and decided it’s 5’oclock somewhere. will try to art at home today.
10. stumbled upon artist Janet Echelman in an old magazine & learned she was supposed to, at some point, design/build the 9/11 memorial in Hoboken! i thinks it’s probably stalled due to $$$. posting for your viewing pleasure…
Hoboken 9/11 memorial
Janet Echelman

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