so i started my etching workshop yesterday. there are a lot less students than last time. this is great considering half the time you bounce around the room like a pinball dripping with nitric acid. the class is three hours long but i stayed on to do more work and had three extra hours to myself. bliss!

i can’t wait to go back on saturday. this feels so much more productive than painting for some reason. maybe i’m just burnt out on the painting, but when etching i feel like i have limitless powers…like a superhero. i’m not ready to post any pics because everything is in it’s experimental infancy…but when i do…oh ho ho…it’s gonna be good. nothing like building up expectations, eh? maybe you’ll hate the work…please just nod and smile 😉

in other news, after living in our building for, oh, six years? we entered a neighbors apartment for the first time ever and (gasp) socialized! they are a really nice couple. looking forward to doing it again. i think i’ve avoided having any neighbors into our apartment for fear of being judged on our cleanliness, decorating style, etc. but after she stopped in on one of our messiest days i have nothing to hide anymore. tear down the wall! (pink floyd reference, mom.)

so this gal, A, is a real estate broker and i offered to lend some large paintings to her so she could ‘stage’ an apartment. it’s a symbiotic relationship where i help to decorate her apartments & she helps to get more eyeballs looking at my work. we’ll see what happens. i’m happy to have bare walls. maybe it will inspire the painting again.

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