art update

so i’ve been elected treasurer of our local art group. “wha?” you may ask? i don’t know, it was pretty random to be nominated & elected, but i think it had to do with the fact that i’ve been one of few members to consistently show up to meetings & volunteer for stuff. it will be good for the resume i spose.

i signed up for another art class in nyc. this one is sept 19 – oct 24 on wednesday mornings. i’m hoping to produce a lot of etchings since i’ll have 3 group art shows coming up this fall in both hoboken & jersey city. i also have a solo lined up for march 2008 in hoboken. i really need to get my portfolio together to submit to a ny gallery. i think fall 2008 is my goal for a nyc show.

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  1. i can’t wait, either!
    let me know when you have the dates of your art shows and i’ll come up to check them out.
    i’ll also get to brag, “oh ms. ford? Yes, yes, she and i are good friends.”, “yes, i know the artist.”
    so exciting for me.

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