well, it’s that time again to commit myself fully to getting in shape. i am really uncomfortable in all of my clothes and tend to be a hermit when this happens. so i’ve started running again & am eating salad until i have lettuce coming out of my ears. goal is 15 lbs by oct 12 when we leave for california. that’s about 2 lbs per week. i’m sharing this with you so you can check in with me and hold me accountable. good bye buffalo chicken wraps, farewell 3 slice of pizza nights, adieu indian malai kofta balls in deliciously thick & nutty cream sauce. hello salad & chick peas & clothes that fit!

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  • the temptation is too much! it’s actually easier for me to eat half a salad than to eat half a sandwich. once i lose the initial weight i’ll slowly work my favorites back in… in smaller portions hopefully 😉

  • ah, drink so much water and juice that you practically slosh around 😛
    that kinda works for me. But then you tend to need to pee every 30 min.
    I also went vegetarian for a year and dropped like 15 lbs. Go figure.

    But… I didn’t think you were whatever it is you think you are that you need to lose weight. You looked fine. Do we need to have an intervention? 😉

  • I’d gladly gain 5 lbs to have your breasts. They are glorious.

    And I agree with commenter above. You looked as lovely as ever when I saw you a few weeks ago.

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