i went to see an ani difranco concert last wednesday in prospect park with my cousin & two friends. it had been rainy all day but stayed dry throughout the concert. two other ladies opened up…melissa ferrick & anais mitchell and there was a special appearance by toshi reagan. you could really feel the love in the crowd until a small catfight broke out in front of us. i got a few gift cards to pearl paint so i had a little shopping spree there on friday and went in to the studio on saturday…there was only one other person there so i was able to make a proper mess and not worry about leaving room for anyone else. k & i had a little too much fun on saturday night after having drinks from 5:00 +. sunday was a very lazy day but i made a little progress on an etching. it’s pouring now and i’m not wanting to truck out in the rain to class tonight…but there are only 3 classes left so i’ll do it.

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