i signed up for a summer class at SVA. it’s pretty much the same thing i majored in at college. i’m doing it as a refresher and to get my hands on some printing presses. ver ver excited.

here’s the description:

The many ways of working with color in the etching process will be explored in this course. Drawing, painting and photography can all be used to create plates for printing. Color will be applied through intaglio inking, stencils, surface rolls and viscosity-a method of applying multiple colors to a single plate-as well as multiple-plate color printing. Traditional etching techniques, including drypoint, hard ground, soft ground, lift ground, white ground and aquatint will be used to capture the qualities of pen and ink, pencil, crayon and brush. These can be combined on a single plate or with multiple plates to create layered effects of color, line and texture. Chine colle, collagraphs, Xerox transfers, offsetting and various mixed-media techniques will be demonstrated, along with photo-etching techniques in which hand drawn, painted and photographic images can be transferred to the plate. Print on paper, canvas, silk and other fabrics. Create one-of-a-kind color prints, editions, artist’s books, print portfolios from this inventive medium. Think it, ink it, print it.

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